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Equinet High-level Legal Seminar 1-2 July 2010, Brussels

May 10th 2010
On 1-2 July Equinet held a two-days seminar on topical legal issues. Speakers presentations and notes are now available for information.

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) Legal developments and concepts in the field of equality and non-discrimination in Europe

Encouraged by last year’s positive feedback and with the support of the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men, one of its Belgian members, Equinet organised a new edition of its high-level legal seminar. The event took place on 1 - 2 July 2010 in Brussels and focused on various topical legal issues, such as equality bodies’ litigation powers, recent ECJ judiciary with regards to age limits, transgender discrimination. The legal seminar consisted of a mix of plenary sessions and group discussions.

Presentations - DAY 1:

The importance of strategic litigation for equality bodies - Peter Reading, Equality and Human Rights Commission - UK, Great Britain (PowerPoint, 447KB)

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) The powers and practices of Equality Bodies - presentation of the results of the Equinet survey - Nanna Margrethe Krusaa, Danish Institute for Human Rights - Denmark (PowerPoint, 28KB)

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture)
The EU’s upcoming conclusion of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Practical implications and governance issues for the EU, its Member States and its institutions - Inmaculada Placencia, Deputy Head of Unit, Integration of People with Disabilities, European Commission (PowerPoint, 29KB)

Age limits in ECJ recent judiciary - Declan O’Dempsey, Barrister, Cloisters Chambers - UK, Great Britain (Word, 130KB)

Use of gender factor in justifiying differences in treatment in access to goods and services - Kristine Dupate, University of Latvia - Latvia (PowerPoint, 136KB)

Update / Discussion on Equinet Strategic Plan 2011 - 2014, Anne Gaspard, Executive Director, Equinet Secretariat (PowerPoint, 441KB)

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture)
Presentations - DAY 2:

How EU gender legislation can serve to protect transgender people rights - Prof. Elisabeth Holzleithner, Law Faculty, University of Vienna - Austria (PDF, 448KB)

EU joining the European Convention on Human Rights. New opportunities under two systems: Lisbon Treaty with Charter of Fundamental Rights and ECHR - Dr. Mario Oetheimer, Programme Manager, Legal Research, EU Agency of Fundamental Rights (FRA) (PowerPoint, 1.182KB)

Download the summary report of the event and browse the photos of the event posted in the photo gallery (access limited to Equinet members).

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) Please fill in our online evaluation questionnaire to help us identifing potential success or gaps of the legal seminar so we can better serve your training needs. The completion of the questionnaire should only take few minutes.

Prompt submission of expenses reimbursement form and original receipts is required to ensure a timely reimbursement. All receipts must be submitted by Monday 2nd August 2010. Should you have any questions, please contact the Equinet secretariat ( / tel: 0032-2-212-31-82 / fax: 0032-2-212-30-30).

Relevant Documents

Online evaluation questionnaire
Expenses Reimbursement Form (Excel, 379kb)
Final agenda (PDF, 205kb)
Travel Companion (PDF, 260 kb)