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July 3rd 2012

Members’ publications

Equinet aims to support member organisation with the dissemination of their most recent publications, studies, and reports, and to build an online archive for these outputs.

Equinet members are encouraged to contact the Equinet Secretariat in order to feature such outputs on the website.

The most recent Equinet members’ publications are available here.

External publications

Equinet strives to keep an up-to-date list of publications relevant to the field of equality and anti-discrimination published by the European institutions, NGOs, and other external partners and actors.

Representatives of such organisations are invited to contact the Equinet Secretariat if they are interested in featuring such outputs on the website.

The most recent external publications are available here.

Project library

The project library features various initiatives, campaigns, video clips, posters and other materials developed by Equinet members or external actors. The library is accessible here.

Legal activities / Case law

Equinet aims to inform its members and website visitors of the latest legal developments that are relevant to the work of national equality bodies. To access a list of such developments, please click here.