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Strategic Planning and Equality Bodies: Selected examples of Good Practice

February 23rd 2015

This report presents some examples from equality bodies on strategic planning in order to inspire and inform others.

Equality bodies work to combat discrimination and promote equality across the range of equality grounds covered by the European Union directives. Equality bodies exist in a variety of forms across Europe - indeed, there is a richness in the diversity of Equinet’s membership including on such issues as their functions (from quasi-judicial to promotional); the grounds the bodies cover; their structures; their scale, in terms of staff, and other resources; and in respect of their history. The remit of many Equinet member bodies goes beyond the minimum requirements of the Equal Treatment Directives.

Many equality bodies have adopted a strategic plan to guide their work, and Equinet’s Working Group on Strategy Development decided to focus on strategic planning during 2014 – partly to ascertain what is happening in relation to strategic planning and partly to ensure the sharing of good practice by equality bodies in this important area. Members were also conscious of the 2013 publication by Equinet of a paper on ‘Processes and indicators for measuring the impact of equality bodies’ and its finding that a strategic plan is a key enabler for evaluation.

The Working Group had two meetings in 2014 considering issues related to strategic planning and undertook a survey of Equinet members to collect information about practices relating to strategic planning.

The main questions of the survey have been used to structure this report, covering the areas of:

  • benefits and potential challenges of strategic plans;
  • consultation as a step in the preparation of strategic plans;
  • structuring and content of strategic plans;
  • selecting priorities for the strategic plans; and
  • monitoring the implementation and evaluating the impact of the strategic plan.

This report presents some experiences and examples across these themes with a view to sharing generally with equality bodies in the aspiration that they will be useful and inspiring.


Strategic Planning and Equality Bodies: Selected examples of Good Practice (2014)
Strategic Planning and Equality Bodies: Selected examples of Good Practice (2014)