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Strategic Enforcement: Powers and Competences of Equality Bodies

January 4th 2012

Articles on legal assistance to individuals, formal investigations and inquiries, interventions and amicus curiae applications, and positive duties to promote equality in this report by Equinet Working Group on Strategic Enforcement

This report aims to provide equality bodies with an insight into the competences and powers of strategic enforcement that are available to the individual bodies, how they work, what can be achieved with these powers and how they can be strategically employed, and in this way facilitate the bodies’ work towards uniform implementation of EU anti-discrimination law and levelling-up of legal protection for victims of discrimination.

The report draws on responses to a questionnaire developed by Equinet Working Group 2 and circulated to Equinet members in order to identify the competences and powers available to the equality bodies, the criteria that each body uses to decide on which power to use and when to use it, how the powers work in combination, the bodys’ assessment of the power, and what powers the bodies in their own opinion need in order to complete their tasks and fulfil their role efficiently.

This is the first of two reports to be produced by Equinet’s Working Group 2. The second report, due in 2006, will focus on more specific issues regarding the effective and strategic enforcement of the equality bodies’ powers.

Downloadable document: [1]

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