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Settlement of £62,500 without admission of liability paid by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to close discrimination cases

April 26th 2011

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has recently paid settlements amounting to £62,500, without admission of liability, to a couple who both work for the service.

Mrs Brady received £55,000 in response to a complaint that she put forward concerning the way in which her employers treated her following her return to work after a 2 year absence from the service as a result of breast cancer. Her Husband was paid £7,500 for the related complaint of victimisation. Both cases were supported by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

The settlement, which does not admit the liability of the PSNI, acknowledges the upset and distress experienced, and reinforces the Service’s commitment to equality of opportunity in the workplace.

Eileen Lavery, of Strategic Enforcement with the Equality Commission, said “All employers have a responsibility to make reasonable adjustments for employees who have a disability”.
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