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Save the dates: 22 & 23 November 2012 - The 6th Equality Summit on “Equality for Growth”

September 13th 2012
The 2012 Equality Summit highlighting the importance of equality and accessibility policies and legislation on promoting economic growth will be held in Lefkosia (Cyprus).

The Equality Summit is a yearly event that addresses issues of equality and elimination of discrimination. Equality Summit 2012 is organized by the Cypriot Presidency of the Council of the European Union in co-operation with the European Commission. This year’s summit will involve around 300 participants (government, NGOs, social partners, academics, independent experts, etc.) from EU Member States and acceding countries.
The upcoming Summit will focus on the theme "Equality for Growth". It is inspired by the dramatic impact that the current disadvantageous economic situation has on the most vulnerable groups in society due to cuts in public finances. The Equality Summit 2012 aims to provide evidence supporting the fact that accessibility and equality policies can contribute to economic growth, economic development and prosperity.
The following topics will be covered:

- Equality policies and accessibility for all in an ageing society
- Contribution of Equality and accessibility policies to the EU 2020 Strategy
- Business case for diversity
- The economic and social case for anti-discrimination
The Equality Summit will take place in ’FILOXENIA’ Conference Centre, Lefkosia (Nicosia)
For further information, please address the contact person of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order:
Phedra Gregoriou
Tel: +357 22805946
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