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SLOVAKIA - Discrimination and discriminatory practices in the field of labour law

August 8th 2014


In the year 2013 Slovak National Centre for Human Rights (SNCHR) focused specifically on the field of labour law relations with a focus of identifying and clarifying discrimination and discriminatory practices in the field of labour law. Educative events laid particular emphasis on questions falling within the substantive scope of Anti-Discrimination Act – for instance forms of discrimination, reasons for prohibiting discrimination, and exemptions from the principle of equal treatment, legal obligation to adopt measures for protection against discrimination or means of legal protection in cases of discrimination.

The National Labour Inspectorate (NLI) is a government agency under the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. Through the European Social Fund, the NLI managed to organize an expert seminar targeting its employees on topic of discrimination and equal treatment principle. The Centre lecturers were asked to cooperate and give professional lectures for employees of NLI – inspectors of labour. Courses were primarily focused on vocational education in the following fields of law: equality and non-discrimination. Topics of courses were related to regulations from labour law legislative and also to detection of discrimination in working relations.

Duty bearers targeted, and their specific obligations (if any)

NLI controls and coordinates labour inspection in Slovakia. Labour inspection at the employers’ watches over adherence to labour law regulations, regulations on safety and health protection during labour, adherence to regulations in the field of social legislative in transport and adherence to prohibition of illegal employment and illegal labour. It also examines circumstances of accidents at work.

National Labour Inspectorate was not targeted as a duty bearer. The duty bearers that were ultimately the target of the project – employers – have a duty under the Anti-Discrimination Act not to discriminate individuals because of their sex, religion or other belief, race, nationality or ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status and family status, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin.

Main objectives of the project

Implementation of whole project will markedly improve performance of labour inspection. Continual vocational education of labour inspectors is one of the preconditions of efficient conduct of inspection. The objective of the project was to foster legal awareness of labour inspectors in the questions of discrimination and in the field of violations of Anti-Discrimination Act and to contribut to a more efficient detection of discriminatory conduct in the field of labour law. The objective of education of inspectors was to ensure that during inspection of labour they will actively influence employers in order to improve situation in monitored field and also to ensure that they would inform employers, employee representatives and employees themselves about rights and duties in the field of equal treatment in labour law relationships.


In the educational activities we combined interactive and participative education with „traditional” methods of education. Theoretical inputs were therefore combined with Professional presentations. (d, e, g).

Key achievements

The project was realized at the end of November 2013.