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Register for the Academy on Human Rights and the City

July 17th 2014

The summer academy HOW TO MANAGE HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE CITY? aims at presenting and discussing instruments and mechanisms to facilitate the implementation of human rights at the local level. Against the background of local and regional authorities’ rights and obligations it focuses on cities’ and regions’ self-governance including their obligation to respect, protect, fulfil and also promote human rights at the local level.

Being targeted at practitioners - administration professionals working at municipal or regional levels, politicians, NGO collaborators, but also staff members of equality bodies - the summer academy design gives ample space to discussion and problem-solving, through keynotes and presentations and its main focus on output-oriented workshops. The programme aims at the goal-oriented elaboration of hands-on problem solutions. Thus, in exchange with colleagues and facilitated by renowned international experts, participants will take home concrete ideas, concepts and instruments for the implementation of human rights in their cities and regions.

Human rights as organized in the international and European human rights architecture form the frame for approaching the various challenges European cities and (urban) regions as equitable service providers face in a globalized world. The summer academy gives an overview on and opportunity to compare and discuss international and European concepts. Starting with UNESCO’s human rights based approach of mainstreaming human rights in policy making and programming different European concepts are presented, reviewed and discussed with respect to underlying human rights standards and principles: The concepts range from ECCAR’s Toolkit for Equality to the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Facilitation at the Local Level to the Fundamental Rights Agency’s joined-up approach on governance to the roles of local and municipal actors and focus on a better understanding of the implications and impact of a rights-based approach to planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating local and regional policies.

A key contribution from the experience of equality bodies will come under the topic of "Equality policies as instruments for sustainably implementing human rights in the city", led by Paul Lappalainen (Senior Advisor at the Swedish Equality Ombudsman) and Klaus Starl (European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy of ETC Graz).

Working language of the summer academy is English.

The summer academy is hosted by the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC Graz), with contributions of UNESCO, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and the Fundamental Rights Agency, as well as the City of Graz in the frame of the ECCAR network.

Further information and registration:

For further information don’t hesitate to contact Barbara Schmiedl at