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Portugal: Campaign “Find your colour”

March 15th 2016

On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, annually celebrated on 21 March, the Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination - CICDR that works closely with the High Commission for Migration (ACM) launched a campaign to raise awareness against racism and xenophobia.


This 2015 campaign, named “Descobre a tua cor” (Find your colour) was released through ACM’s Facebook page. Each follower of the profile was invited to access a website created for this purpose which, through a connection with their Facebook account, identified the exact colour user’s skin based on the selected photo submitted at the time. After this procedure, each person was faced with a question ("You find your colour, so what? Does it change anything in your life?"). This question invited to an introspection aimed at triggering the realisation that knowing one’s skin colour does matter. Then users could share the results on their Facebook profiles, simultaneously inviting their friends to participate in “Find Your Colour” campaign.
After participating, each person was asked to report any cases of racism or xenophobia that they had witnessed or suffered. In addition to the main objective of raising public awareness to combat racial discrimination, another objective of the campaign was to make CICDR more visible as a competent body applying the law of the protection against racial discrimination based on skin colour, ethnicity or nationality.

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Facts & Figures

The campaign "Find your Colour" was a huge success. Starting with the High Commission for Migration’s Facebook page, there were several other relevant pages that shared and disseminated this campaign, such as the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) and the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), reaching more than 60,000 user’s views.

There also was a street campaign in Chiado District in Lisbon, on the morning of 21 March, with a direct impact of 127 personal contacts that assured more than 3.000 visualizations.

Background: European Action Week against Racism

Every year, UNITED for intercultural action (European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism, in support of migrants and refugees) run the European Action Week against Racism. This year, the campaign will start on 12th March and finish on 21st March.
Considering the proliferation of racism against migrants and refugees at the moment, Equinet wants to do its part to highlight initiatives carried out by its members to fight racism across Europe.

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