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New issue of the Anti-discrimination Law Review

April 8th 2010

European Anti-discrimination Law Review Issue No. 9

The ninth edition of the bi-annual European Anti-discrimination Law Review is now available in English, French and German, providing news, analysis and information on the implementation of anti-discrimination law in the EU over the period between 15 January and 15 June 2009.

The Law Review provides an overview of the latest developments in European anti-discrimination law and policy, reflecting as far as possible the state of affairs as of 15 June 2009.

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In this issue:
South African Equality Law
Housing Rights and Racial Discrimination
European Legal Policy Update
European Court of Justice Case Law Update
European Court of Human Rights Case Law Update
European Committee of Social Rights Update
News from the EU Member States

The European Anti-discrimination Law Review is a bi-annual publication prepared by the European Network of Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field with human european consultancy and MPG (eds.).

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