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National Equality Bodies in a nutshell - new information kit available!

September 12th 2014

In the European Union, women earn around 16% less than men. Roma people face very high levels of social exclusion. One third of LGBT persons have already felt discriminated because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Racism and discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, religion and belief persist. In this challenging context, national equality bodies and Members of the European Parliament play a fundamental role in the non-discrimination architecture of the EU.

Following the 10th September 2014 roundtable event at the European Parliament, it is a great pleasure for Equinet to publish our new information kit on equality bodies for Members of the European Parliament.

This tool aims at raising awareness on the role of and challenges faced by equality bodies at national and EU level, but also, on the way they can cooperate and bring added value to the role of Members of the European Parliament in their daily work.

Indeed, Members of the European Parliament play a key role in strengthening the legislative framework through which the Union must secure equal rights of all citizens and gives valuable tools to Member States to promote equality and combat discrimination. Among these tools, national equality bodies play a fundamental role and are important and reliable partners on these issues.

In this information kit, we presented therein information on the role of equality bodies and how they can help and contribute to the work of the European Parliament. On the back side of the kit, we listed contacts of national equality bodies and the grounds of discrimination which they have competence to address.

Download the information kit in PDF here!

Do not hesitate to send this information kit to your Members of the European Parliament! the list and email address of MEPs per country are available here.

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