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Measurement Framework for Equality and Human Rights

November 7th 2017

In October 2017 the Equality and Human Rights Commission published its new Measurement Framework. The framework is a tool for monitoring progress towards greater equality and fulfilment of human rights in Great Britain.

The framework applies to England, Scotland and Wales, and covers six areas of life, or ‘domains’: education, work, living standards, health, justice and personal security, and participation.

The framework includes a wide range of indicators and measures which track change over time. As far as possible, the measures are broken down by protected characteristics, such as disability and ethnicity, as well as by socio-economic group. The framework also looks at intersectional disadvantage and at-risk groups such as homeless people and carers. It will form the basis of our next ‘Is Britain Fairer?’ report, due to be published in late 2018.

As well as being used by the Commission, the framework can be used by other organisations such as non-governmental organisations, National Human Rights Institutions and National Equality Bodies across the world. Greg Crouch, Senior Associate in the Research team at the Commission, has written a blog about how the Commission intends to use the new framework as a lever for change.