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Marking 10 years of anti-discrimination for people with disabilities in Austria

March 7th 2016

On 14 and 15 January 2016, the Austrian Disability Ombudsman, Erwin Buchinger, and his Office as well as the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs, with the active involvement of the Federal Chamber of Labour and the Office for Opportunities & Benefits of the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB), hosted an expert meeting on key equality issues for persons with disabilities and the further development of this agenda at the ÖGB Events Centre in Vienna.

The meeting marked various 10-year anniversaries:

  • The entry into force (on 1 January 2006) of the Federal Disability Equality Act (Bundes-Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz/BGStG);
  • The establishment of the Austrian Disability Ombudsman under the Federal Disability Act;
  • The end of the ten-year transition period for buildings accessibility regulations.
    It was therefore the right point in time to publicly address and further develop issues which persons with disabilities, their organisations and those responsible at the political and administrative level face on a daily basis.

Disability Ombudsman Dr. Erwin Buchinger speaks on a panel during the conference  (Click to enlarge picture)

On the first day, education, labour market/labour law and accessibility were the main topics for discussion. On the second day, the meeting focused on concepts regarding the further development and perception of these issues in Germany and the European Union.

All relevant organisations and decision-makers at national level as well as representatives from Germany and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights were invited to the expert meeting. 200 participants listened to the wide range of presentations and had an opportunity to share their ideas, experiences and problems in two panel discussions of the two-day meeting.

Conference Summary

Please find more information on the Conference in the event summary

Conference Summary:10-year Anniversary
Conference Summary:10-year Anniversary

More information on the event (in German)

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