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Irish Equality Tribunal Award 35,000 euro to a transexual worker

April 26th 2011

The Irish Equality Authority welcomes the decision of the Equality Tribunal to award 35000 euro to a transexual worker

A transsexual worker was awarded over 35,000 euro by the Irish Equality Tribunal after it found that she had suffered discriminatory treatment on the grounds of gender and disability.

The Equality Officer found that the complainant, Louise Hannon, had received no relevant support from the company who had little understanding of the fact that the gender transition process is a form of treatment relevant to the complainant’s condition of Gender Identity Disorder.

Ms Hannon claimed that the degradation of her work conditions, after she informed her employer or her true identity and her need to live in this identity, led to her constructive dismissal. This included being asked to switch back to her male identity when dealing with clients by her employer, not to use the female toilets finally being asked to work from home.

The Equality Officer found that although the complainant did not require reasonable accommodation per se, she did require the right to a workplace that recognized her right to dress and be identified as a female.

The Irish Equality Authority welcomed the decision – Chairperson Angela Kerins affirmed that “It is fair and essential that society assists transsexual people to make this journey by removing as many obstacles for discrimination as possible”