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Good Practice Guide on Communication Principles for National Equality Bodies

April 10th 2012
This guide is the first result of the work of the Equinet Working Group on Communication Strategies and Practices, established in 2011. The main reason for choosing to develop such a tool is that there are a vast number of communication guides, but none reflects the very particular circumstances of equality bodies’ work. So this guide seeks to explore communication practices in the light of what has worked, and what hasn’t, for practitioners in national equality bodies.
The first part of the guide is centred on four main communication principles, while the second part includes summaries of campaigns or communication initiatives from equality bodies that illustrate these principles to various degrees. These summaries are linked to the documents included below where more detailed information about each initiative can be found. Therefore, the guide is an interactive tool with an important web-based component that can be updated at any time.

It reflects the high quality, creative and inspirational work of Equinet members. It is hoped that it will be an evolving resource and that members will continue to use it to share their expertise so that equality bodies can grow and shape their learning in this field.

You can also access the full case study reports by clicking the links below:

"Dare to say no to violence against women" campaign (Belgium)

"Does it matter to you if we’re not equal" campaign (Belgium)

Integrated anti-discrimination campaign (Cyprus)

"Stop Hate Crimes" campaign (Denmark)

Communications activities under the "Iris Project" (Greece)

Producing a brochure in Braille (Greece)

Say No To Ageism Week (Ireland)

Developing a website (Spain)

Home Care Inquiry campaign (United Kingdom)

"Access for All - It’s the Law" campaign (United Kingdom - Northern Ireland)

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