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Gender Mainstreaming on Budget in Belgium

April 21st 2011

The Belgian Institute for the equality of women and men has published a "Manual for the application of gender budgeting within the Belgian federal administration"

With this new manual, which is targeted at Federal Public Services, Federal Publics Services of Programmation and the Ministry of Defence, the Institute aims to ensure that the principles of gender budgeting are implemented at the federal level. The manual was designed to be both a practical guide for public officials on applying gender budgeting within their work and awareness-raising tool to provide information to staff at the federal level.

Furthermore, the Institute seeks to guide the public authorities in the promotion of the integrating gender across their policies, promoting a more efficient and focused use of public resources and increasing the transparency of budgets by identifying the beneficiaries of founds.

Gender budgeting is part of the broader concept of gender mainstreaming. In 2007, the Belgian government adopted the “gender mainstreaming law”, which reinforces the fields of gender and equality between women and men in the Belgian Constitution and constitutes a challenge with regard to “good management” and “good governance”.

A PDF version is available in Dutch, in English and in French or can be ordered for free here on the Institute’s website