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Equinet Gender Equality Training on Equal Pay (18-19 September 2013, Lisbon)

July 29th 2013
On 18-19 September 2013 in Lisbon, Equinet, with the support and hosting of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG) and the Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE) organised a Gender Equality Training on Equal Pay.

Agenda and Objectives

The agenda of the training can be accessed below:

Equinet Gender Training Agenda
Equinet Gender Training Agenda

The general objective of this training is to explore effective approaches and activities equality bodies can put in place to support people suffering from pay inequalities, to help employers put in place non-discriminatory and gender-sensitive evaluation and pay systems and to help administrations, social partners and NGOs understand the problem and cooperate for the achievement of equal pay practices.
This training is based on the work of the Equinet Working Group on Gender Related Issues.

The Training strives to enhance the knowledge of staff members in the following areas:

- Methodologies for the evaluation of jobs
- Possible areas for cooperation with social partners, statistical offices, labour inspectorates and other possible partners
- How to build a case

Target audience

Participation in this training is reserved to staff members of Equinet member equality bodies who deal with or have a special interest in equal pay for equal work and work of equal value and the fight against the gender pay gap.


SESSION 1 - Equal pay: scope and definitions

- Susanne Burri: Scope, definitions and case-law

SESSION 2 - Methodologies for the evaluation of jobs

- Marie Becker: Good practice from the French Defender of Rights

You can also download the Defender’s Guide pour une évaluation non discriminante des emplois à prédominance féminine.

- Sandra Ribeiro: Good practice from the Portuguese Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment

SESSION 4 - Possible alliances and further tools

- Edeltraud Ranftl: Alliances with social partners

- Maria do Rosário Fidalgo: Alliances with other stakeholders

SESSION 6 - How to build a case

- Sophie Latraverse: How to shift the burden of the proof: relevant case law and practical tips

- Sandra Konstatzky: Typical justifications for unequal pay: what is acceptable, what is not and how to counter arguments