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GERMANY - Thematic years

August 7th 2014


FADA decided to select one ground for discrimination every calendar year on which to focus its research and public relations work. FADA does this in alphabetical order. In 2012 FADA proclaimed the thematic year against age discrimination, 2013 the focus was on people with disabilities, and in 2014 it is against racism and discrimination on the ground of ethnic origin.

Duty bearers targeted, and their specific obligations (if any)

Within the thematic years FADA works closely with NGOs involved with the specific theme. Parts of the project are aimed specifically at employers and other stakeholders (social partners, political parties, academics that work in that field).

Main objective of the project

The Project shall raise the general public’s awareness for the different grounds for discrimination. The research shall give suggestions for possible ways to reduce discrimination.


One of the main aims of this project was Information and awareness raising. Research is being published that focuses on the specific ground of discrimination. Within the thematic year against “Age Discrimination” FADA appointed a committee of experts (social partners, academics, NGOs and political parties, etc), that submitted proposals and recommendations to reduce age discrimination in Germany.

Key achievements

In 2012 for example, the committee of experts recommended a reduction of age limits in volunteering, a review of collective agreements and age limits and the total abolition of earnings limits on early retirement. Also, it advocated for the reduction of inequalities in care.