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GERMANY - Diversity mainstreaming for public authorities

August 7th 2014


In co-operation with the public authorities of the Laender of Brandenburg and Hamburg, as well as the local governments of Stuttgart and Nuremberg, FADA carried out the project ’Verifying (Equal) Opportunities Right Away – Diversity Mainstreaming in Public Authorities’ from November 2010 until December 2011. A selection of administrative staff from the fields of human resources work and lobbies were given the opportunity of exchanging their experience as well as building a network.

Duty bearers targeted, and their specific obligations (if any)

The project was aimed at public authorities of the Federal Laender and municipalities. The Federal Laender and the local authorities play a central role in implementing the protection against discrimination – both in their capacity as employers and also as providers of services for a heterogeneous population.

Main objective of the project

The project aimed at supporting public authorities of the Federal Laender and municipalities in the best possible implementation of protection against discrimination.


Part of the research for mainstreaming equality and diversity was an investigation

  • within the partner administrations
  • on which tools implementing equal rights in states and municipalities already exist
  • the experiences made with those
  • the prospects for approaches across target groups.

To provide that information for other public authorities FADA published a project report and two thematic publications on the topics ’Diversity Mainstreaming’ in and by Institutions of Public Administration. They provide recommendations for administrative staff on the issue of how diversity processes may be triggered at and by public authorities. Those publications were met by far more demand than FADA had anticipated. The follow-up activities being planned include a survey on the guide for administrative staff and a follow-up workshop to continue with the exchange of experience. The Aim of that workshop would be to publish a FAQ List on the topic with answers from the workshop.

Key achievements

The project illustrated how to examine experience gained from strategies to achieve equal opportunities in and by public authorities and which prospects are offered to firmly establish policies for a variety of target groups.