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Fundamental Rights Conference in Warsaw

October 27th 2011

On 21 November, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights released its latest report on irregular migrants at its Fundamental Rights Conference in Warsaw.

On 21 November, the FRA released its latest report on irregular migrants at its Fundamental Rights Conference in Warsaw (click on the link for more information).You can download and read more about the report here.

The conference brought together about 300 participants from across the EU, including policy makers, specialists and practitioners from the local to the international level, including Member State and EU officials, local authorities, intergovernmental organisations, specialised human rights bodies, professional associations, social partners and civil society organisations, including those representing the rights of irregular migrants.

The event sought to promote innovative policies, promising practices as well as future and on-going projects through practice-oriented workshops, marketplace of ideas and interactive plenary sessions. The FRA’s EU-wide research on the situation of irregular migrants will be the overarching theme of the event.

This latest report will be a comparative report on the rights of irregular migrants, bringing together some of the findings from its research into access to education, healthcare as well as employment-related rights. This report follows on from two recent related reports ‘Access to healthcare in 10 European Union Member States’ and ‘Migrants in an irregular situation employed in domestic work’.
The programme of the conference can be accessed in English, French, and Polish.