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French Defender of Rights launches a new online platform to combat racism

September 15th 2015

On 15 September, Jacques Toubon, the Defender of Rights (France), officially launched an online platform entitled ’EgalitĂ© contre le racisme’ (Equality against Racism), aimed at providing practical tools and advice to combat cases of racial and ethnic discrimination.

Being concerned about the rise of racism in all its forms in France, Jacques Toubon wished to set up a collective and efficient answer to this phenomenon, designed for either victims or witnesses of racist acts.

In collaboration with the Council of Europe and the Inter-ministerial delegation on the fight against racism and anti-Antisemitism (Dilcra), forty partners, encompassing private companies, human right NGOs and local governments, took part in the creation of this common platform. ’’ offers advice, list of contacts, information on legal and administrative remedies and notifications on existing initiatives to combat racism. The goal is for people from various backgrounds - companies, NGOs, governments or simply concerned citizens - to be given the tools to provide efficient answers to discrimination and find the means to build a more equal society.

The launch of the website is coupled with a national poster campaign in public spaces and public transport.

To access this new platform, click here.