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Finland: Anti-discrimination campaigns

March 14th 2016

In the context of the European Action Week against Racism, we are highlighting different campaigns from around Europe to combat anti-discrimination on the ground of race and ethnic origin. We start with some campaigns from Finland.

No to racism!

The No to racism! project by the Finnish Red Cross offers guidance and counseling services to those individuals who have encountered racism.
Persons who have experienced racism can confidentially turn to the Red Cross to find advise and support. All instances are recorded in the Finnish Red Cross’ system and used for the compilation of their annual report on racism.

Attitude Works!

Attitude Works! is a campaign to raise awareness about the collective responsibility that everyone shares in creating an atmosphere that is equal for all and free of racism. Each and every individual has the possibility to influence people around them or even the whole society. Attitudes and behaviour are highly affected as well as propagated by examples of behaviour. All people have prejudice, but recognising them is the first step towards abandoning them.

Parents, grandparents and other adults are all educators and therefore responsible for transmitting attitudes to the younger generations. Adults can influence the atmosphere at the workplace by encouraging non-discriminative attitudes. Children and the youth can influence their friends. We are all responsible and can influence the atmosphere in public spaces, public transport and social media. Professional educators are responsible for attitudes in schools, nurseries, hobby clubs and other educational institutions.

Background: European Action Week against Racism

Every year, UNITED for intercultural action (European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism, in support of migrants and refugees) run the European Action Week against Racism. This year, the campaign will start on 12th March and finish on 21st March.