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Equinet Training Event on LGBTI issues

May 5th 2014

On 17-18 June 2014 in Stockholm, Equinet, with the support and hosting of the Swedish Equality Ombudsman, organised a training event on LGBTI issues.

Agenda and Objectives

The agenda of the training event can be accessed below:

LGBTI Training - Agenda
LGBTI Training - Agenda

Equinet’s perspective on LGBTI people as well as other sources (such as the work of FRA) show that LGBTI people suffer serious discrimination in daily life. Equality bodies can be key actors of change in improving their situation.

This Equinet training event strived to provide equality body staff members with a space for peer learning and for discussing key challenges as well as good practices in the field.

  (Click to enlarge picture) Photo by Unn Tiba

Speakers’s Presentations

SESSION 1 - The Context for LGBTI Equality in Europe

SESSION 2 - Workshops

SESSION 3 - Addressing under-reporting

SESSION 5 - Specific policy areas and issues

Small group discussions

  (Click to enlarge picture) Photo by Unn Tiba

Selected readings

Equinet publications

Resources by Equality Bodies

European Union publications

Council of Europe publications

Civil society organisations publications


A summary of the Training can be downloaded here:

Summary LGBTI Training
Summary LGBTI Training

  (Click to enlarge picture) Photo by Unn Tiba