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Equinet Training - Bucharest 2007

June 18th 2007

Solving equal treatment/non-discrimination cases from a comparative law perspective: solutions from national and European law

This third Equinet training was hosted by Equinet’s Romanian partner, the National Council for Combating Discrimination, on 18 and 19 June 2007.

The overall aim of the two-day training course was to enhance Equinet partners’ staff ability to solve equal treatment/ non-discrimination cases.

The specific aims of the training were to:

Gain increased knowledge of EU equal treatment legislation and ECJ Case Law on the selected topics of discrimination on (1) (possible) combinations of religion - race - gender, (2) disability and (3) sexual orientation;
Gain insight into how legal concepts are interpreted and can be interpreted in concrete cases from an EU law perspective, as well as from various national legal perspectives;
Exchange insight into and experience of how to assess the discriminatory aspects of a concrete case and how to build a case using the available facts.

More information about this training is available in the Members’ section of this website