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Equinet High-Level Legal Seminar, 28 March 2011

March 30th 2011
A big thank you to all who participated in the Equinet Legal Seminar 28 March 2011!

Legal Developments and Concepts in the Field of Equality and Non-Discrimination in Europe

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) The Equinet annual legal seminar provided an opportunity for lawyers working for national equality bodies to meet and exchange their expertise with other legal experts and practitioners in the field of non-discrimination law.

Aimed at legal experts and practitioners involved in anti-discrimination law, the seminar took place on 28 March 2011 in Brussels. This high-level event welcomed delegates from National Equality Bodies, European Institutions, National and European NGOs, Legal Research Organizations, Social Partners and Legal Experts and Practitioners in the field of non-discrimination and equal treatment law.
t-maroit  (Click to enlarge picture) The legal seminar achieved the following main objectives:

  • The presentation of the scope of EU anti-discrimination legislation;
  • A disussion of possible and potential interpretations of the existing laws;
  • The presentation of recent developments in the ECJ’s judiciary with regard to equal treatment; and
  • A debate on how national equality bodies can make use of their powers in relation to litigation before national and European courts.

The seminar was divided into three sessions:
Session 1 – The appropriateness of using insurance risks linked to discrimination grounds in the calculation of insurance premiums
Session 2 – Defining the boundaries of the EU anti-discrimination legislation
thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) Session 3 – New tools of studying the non-discrimination landscape and the recent developments

Speakers included representatives from the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, the Belgian Consumer Agency (Test-Achats), the European insurance sector and National Equality Bodies.


To view the final agenda of the seminar, please click here

Seminar presentations

The several of the presentations of the speakers can be found below

Session I

kristinakoldinska  (Click to enlarge picture) Kristina Koldinska - Is sex an Appropriate Determining Factor in the Calculation of Insurance Premiums

coteur_jean_paul  (Click to enlarge picture) Jean-Paul Coteur - The use of Insurance risks linked to sex and other discrimination grounds in the calculation of insurance premiums - an NGO perspective

william_vidonja  (Click to enlarge picture) William Vidonja - The use of Insurance risks linked to sex and other discrimination grounds in the calculation of insurance premiums - an insurers’ perspective

Session II

Dr Frank Alleweldt - Study on the use of age, disability, sex, religion or belief, racial or ethnic origin and sexual orientation in financial services, in particular the insurance and banking sectors
peter  (Click to enlarge picture) Peter Reading - The protection of volunteers under the Employment Framework Directive 2000/78/EC

Session III

clip  (Click to enlarge picture) Barbara Liegl - Data collection on discrimination complaints. Developing an Equinet data collection template on complaints to quasi-judicial equality bodies

Delegate Pack

The following information was provided to participants:

Other information regarding the Seminar:

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) Evaluation

Equinet would kindly ask any participants who attended the seminar and did not complete an evaluation form to fill in our online evaluation form here. We value all your feedback and hope to use it to continute to improve the experience of Equinet events for participants.

Expenses Reimbursement for Members and Speakers

Equinet will reimburse the costs incurred by speakers and participants coming from member organisations. To claim your expenses, please download the Reimbursement Form and send it, filled in and signed, to Equinet. Please note that any expense that is not backed by original evidence (tickets, receipts, both boarding passes for flights...) will not be reimbursed.

Given the constraints on its funding, Equinet generally reimburses Members’ expenses once it has received the final installment of the Grant for the year the activity took place, from the European Commission. This generally happens in April or May of the next year. Should you require an early reimbursement, please contact the Finance and Administration Officer directly (