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Equality body hosts largest experts’ meeting on discrimination in the Czech Republic

February 20th 2013

The consultations with various stakeholders are taking place on 19-20 February 2013 under the aegis of Equinet’s Czech member, the Public Defender of Rights.

Yesterday’s agenda was dedicated to a round table discussion with selected central, inspection and supervisory bodies, in order to discuss discrimination data collection, the theoretical and practical problems in proving discriminatory behaviour within the state supervision and administrative actions (situation testing, admissibility of recordings as evidence), among others.

Today’s agenda will include discussions with legislators, representatives of administrative bodies and local authorities, judges, academics, NGOs, and the media, but also with employers, service, housing, education and health care providers. The purpose of the meeting is to identify the institutional, legal, and factual barriers faced when enforcing claims arising from the anti-discrimination law and to propose methods for solving the problems (on legislative, methodical, institutional and research levels).

More information can be found here (in Czech), but you can also contact Iva Hrazdílková at the Ombudsman’s Office directly.