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EQUINET Annual General Meeting 2010

November 19th 2010

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of EQUINET was held on the 16 - 17 November 2010 in Brussels. More than 50 representatives of member and observer organisations attended this two day event. The AGM, highest level decision-making body of Equinet met to discuss and decide upon issues that are most pertinent to the work of national equality bodies and the forthcoming annual work programme of the EQUINET Network.

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) Vote on Board proposals

Members entitled to vote at the AGM also had to express their vote on important Board proposals. The Equinet AGM minutes and annual accounts 2009, the strategic plan 2011-2014 as well as the work plan for the year 2011 were ratified with a majority of votes.

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture) Vote of new member organisation

The membership application of the Serbian Commissioner for the Protection of Equality was presented and officially ratified during the AGM. Prior to the vote, Mrs Nevena Petrusic, Commissioner from the candidate equality body had the opportunity to introduce the organisation mandate. The candidate organisation obtained a unanimous vote in favor and benefits from now on of the full Equinet membership statute.
The overview of the current members and observers is available here.
PowerPoint presentations

thierrymaroit  (Click to enlarge picture)

AGM agenda

Equinet AGM Evaluation Form

Equinet statutes (French and English)