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Czech equality body sets-up cooperation with NGOs on situation testing

April 5th 2013

The Public Defender of Rights has concluded a Cooperation Agreement with two Czech non-governmental organizations (Counselling Centre for Citizenship, Civil and Human Rights in Prague and IQ Roma Servis in Brno), by means of which the NGOs will assist the victims of discrimination in acquiring evidence for possible court or administrative proceedings for breaching the prohibition of discrimination.

The Law on The Public Defender of Rights and the Anti-Discrimination Act fail to provide the equality body with the possibility to carry out situation testing. However, the Defender has noted an increasing number of issues that require situation testing (rejection of a job applicant on account of age or gender, rejection of a club membership on account of ethnic origin, rejection of financial service provision on account of nationality, etc.). To that end he has decided to contact non-governmental organizations that focus on protecting persons against discrimination, and ensure efficient cooperation. Situation testing is always carried out with the complainant´s informed consent and the Defender is to take account of the evidence acquired in situation testing in his inquiry.

Apart from an increased enforceability of claims arising from anti-discrimination laws the Defender expects that this cooperation will lead to a gradual harmonization of the currently non-consolidated jurisprudence in the field of admissibility of audio and video recordings made by private persons for the purpose of protecting their rights.

For more information contact Iva Hrazdilkova.