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Belgian NEB launches its 2011 Annual Report

May 25th 2012
The Belgian Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism has recently launched its 2011 Annual Activity Report.

CEOOR Annual Report 2011 (Click to enlarge picture) 2011 was the first year of the Centre’s three-year strategic plan for 2011-2013. The strategic plan sets out the main outlines of the two pillars of its legal mission: Discrimination/Equal Opportunities, and Migration (migration flows, basic rights of foreigners, human trafficking).

The Centre performs three tasks for each of these two pillars.

- The first consists of dealing with individual incidents of discrimination reported to the Centre, and issues relating to the basic rights of foreigners.

- The second task consists of informing, raising awareness and training.

- The Centre also acts as a forum by hatbringings partners together around the table to formulate various activities, but also, and above all, within the context of its third task: the formulation of opinions and recommendations.

The report provides an overview of the activities, actions and publications of the past year that are relevant for each of these main tasks, as well as a description of the objectives, structure and organisation of the Centre.

You can access the report here.