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Belgian Diversity Barometer: Education

February 6th 2018

Unia commissioned a study on equal opportunities in schools in the three communities across Belgium. The Education Diversity Barometer is the latest in a series of three studies, after the Employment (2012) and Housing (2014) Barometers.

Education is one of the essential links, if not the first condition for the social integration of individuals and the fight against exclusion. And yet, there are significant inequalities. Unia therefore wished to study the current situation in order to discover the mechanisms that contribute to the inequalities in the various Belgian education systems.

University researchers undertook the survey in the three communities across Belgium (Flemish, Walloon and German regions). They focused on compulsory education (both regular and specialized). The discrimination criteria selected for this report are ethnic origin, social origin, disability and sexual orientation.

The study focused on several issues such as:

  • What policies and practices do schools use to live their diversity?
  • How is the orientation in the school? And how are students of foreign origin, with low socio-economic status or disability, oriented towards less favorable pathways?
  • What are the most important results of educational research in Belgium?

Read more about the publication in English, French, Dutch and German.