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21 Portuguese Companies Sign Agreement for Gender Equality

February 18th 2013

CITE – the Portuguese Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment, has, over the years, developed a network with companies and organisations, with the aim of promoting gender equality in work and employment.

In the frame of its mission, competencies and powers and taking into account the European Strategy 2020, as well as the priorities of the Portuguese state on gender equality within this strategy, CITE boosted the development of a partnership project with companies with the main objective of creating a forum of companies that, in face of the challenges of competitiveness, take on a culture of collective responsibility and incorporate into their management strategies the principles of equality between women and men with a clear commitment to promoting equality and non-discrimination in the workplace.

Companies’ commitment to this project, named “Fórum Empresas para a Igualdade de Género – O nosso Compromisso” (IGEN) (Forum of Companies for Gender Equality - Our Commitment), has been large.

On the 18th February, in a public ceremony with the presence of members of the Portuguese Government, CEO of 21 companies representing the most important sectors of the Portuguese economy signed the project’s Membership Agreement Letter.

The IGEN Membership Agreement Letter is promoted by the Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE) and the partner companies, which, in this way, take on commitments regarding the development and implementation of gender equality measures in each of the companies, having quantified targets.

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The IGEN Membership Agreement Letter will be signed by the following companies: Banco Espírito Santo, Banco Santander Totta, Baía do Tejo, Carris, CTT, EDP, Gebalis, Grupo Auchan, Grupo CH, IBM, INCM, Microsoft, Nestlé, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Portugal Telecom, RTP, Visteon, Xerox, e Portos de Leixões, Setúbal e Sines.

“It is mainly commitments of starting or improvement of measures that should respond to the needs and problems found in the company’s diagnosis on its policies and practices in the areas of gender equality and non discrimination, based on nine dimensions that incorporate the principles of Gender Equality in organisations. Each of these dimensions is based on a set of indicators that will allow the company to evaluate its management with regard to gender equality, conciliation between work, family and private life and the protection of maternity and paternity”, said Sandra Ribeiro, President of CITE.

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