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Equinet - European network of equality bodies

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Equinet produces relevant publications, ranging from perspectives on topical European issues and comparative legal case studies to good practice guides in the field of equality policy for practitioners.

You are kindly invited to fill in this form if you wish to order free hardcopies of the Equinet publications listed on this page. (Please note that some publications are only available electronically)

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Report of the third experts’ meeting under the projet Strengthening the cooperation between specialised bodies


Protection Against Discrimination and Gender Equality: how to meet both requirements? Report of the second experts’ meeting under the project Strengthening the cooperation between specialised bodies


Proving Discrimination

January 4th 2012

The Dynamic Implementation of EU Anti-Discrimination Law - The Role of Specialised Bodies. Report of the first experts’ meeting held under the project "Towards the Dynamic implementation of EU Anti-discrimination Law


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