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The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland carries out regular equality awareness surveys which look at public attitudes to equality groups, perceptions and support for equality issues, and awareness of equality and anti-discrimination issues, rights and protections. The findings of their 2016 survey on social attitudes and perceptions of equality in Northern Ireland have just been released. The survey follows similar studies in 2005, 2008 and 2011, which allows some comparisons on attitudinal change to be drawn.


On the occasion of the Institute’s fifteenth anniversary, a conference and prize-giving ceremony was held, along with the launch of a publication that looks back on the Institute’s origins, sketches out its daily activities and functions and provides a glimpse of the future.


On 29th November 2017, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia co-organised their annual CRPD conference, as well as an award ceremony for persons with disabilities and NGOs.


The Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the Organization of people with disabilities and their friends “APEIRONS”, Society for persons with visual impairments “Redzi mani” of Riga, Society Integration found, the Latvian Association of the Deaf, Association for people with hearing impairments “” of Latvia and the Autism Society of Latvia has drafted the guidelines for employers on reasonable accommodation.


The Austrian Disabiliity Ombudsman (Equinet member) is organising a conference for national equality bodies and ombudsperson offices on disability and the labour market in Europe. This will take place on 15-16 November 2018, in Vienna.


Czech Ombudsman Anna Šabatová and Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks on inclusive education in the Czech Republic.


Equinet Calendar 2018

January 11th 2018

Equality bodies assist victims of discrimination in a wide variety of ways. This calendar highlights some of the work that our members do to promote equal treatment in their respective countries


A round-table meeting on women’s rights was organised by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights on 6 December in Warsaw.


Within the context of international bilateral cooperation, the idea of cooperation on a specific project surfaced in discussion with the Dutch Embassy in Slovenia. The cooperation project was carried out in October 2017, beginning with the visit of the delegation from the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, their peer review, and organisation of a public discussion on discrimination in the workplace based on gender and age in Ljubljana. The series of events concluded in December 2017 with the visit of a delegation of the Advocate of the Principle of Equality from Slovenia to Utrecht. The delegation partook in an education and presentation event of the Dutch equality body and visited one of the Dutch non-governmental organisation, dedicated to fighting discrimination.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has published “Sexual harassment and the law: Guidance for employers.” Experiencing sexual harassment is one of the most difficult situations a person can face in the workplace. No workplace is immune to sexual harassment and a lack of reported cases does not necessarily mean that they have not occurred. Recent high-profile testimonies and sharing of experiences on social media have highlighted sexual harassment in a range of workplaces, and the real barriers that many experience in reporting it.


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