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Equinet aims to strengthen and support equality bodies and acts as the expert voice of equality bodies to advance equality for all. Facilitating the development of expert and institutional capacities for our members and conveying the knowledge and expertise of equality bodies at European and international levels are two of the ways we aim to achieve those objectives.

In our capacity building and awareness raising events, we aim to have gender equality on all panels and to choose expert speakers representing a variety of minority groups. The voices of young people are included as often as possible. We try to include an intersectional approach and a broad range of voices on all topics, not just linked to a given ground of discrimination. Speaker diversity is something we strongly believe in and commit to promoting as much as possible.


On 11-12 October 2010, a legal training event addressed how tools such as situation testing and statistics can be used to present evidence in discrimination cases and how stakeholders have a role to play in collecting evidence.


On 1-2 July Equinet held a two-days seminar on topical legal issues. Speakers presentations and notes are now available for information.


Together with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, Equinet delivered its first training of 2010 on 29-30 April in Belfast. The policy training explored how equality impact assessment works and how equality bodies can develop, implement and promote it.


Support for delegates from Equinet member organisations


Held in Vienna, on 14 April 2010


The second cooperation meeting on 14 April in Vienna


EQUINET held its two-day Annual General Meeting on 5-6 November 2009 in Brussels. At this occasion, a new Executive Board was elected and four organisations joined the network as Members.


A legal training, hosted by the Equinet Portuguese Member the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG) was held in Lisbon on 1-2 October 2009. This event focused on the practical use of EU anti-discrimination laws and involved a trial simulation.


On 30 June 2009 Equinet held a legal seminar on the European anti-discrimination legislation and on the role of the European Court of Justice.


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