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2017 Board Election: The Candidates

September 20th 2017

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Equinet 2017 Board Elections

The 9 members of the next Equinet Board will be elected for a two-year mandate (October 2017-October 2019) by the Equinet Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 11th October 2017 in Brussels.

The full elections procedures and eligibility requirements are detailed and explained in the Equinet Board Elections Guide:

Equinet Board Elections Guide 2017
Equinet Board Elections Guide 2017

Board Members’ Tasks

  • Continued and pro-active involvement in the development and implementation of Equinet strategies and activities, overseeing of the Equinet budget and the work of the Secretariat.
  • To attend Board meetings. Four Board meetings take place in Brussels or other European cities each year.
  • To attend and actively participate in Equinet Annual General Meetings (AGM).
  • To actively participate in selected Equinet conferences, seminars, trainings and/or working group(s).
  • To provide feedback on regular requests and consultations circulated by the Chair or Equinet Secretariat between Board meetings throughout the year

Overview of Candidates


(out of which to select a maximum of 4 candidates)

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Laurence Bond

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC), Ireland

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Patrick Charlier

Unia (Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities), Belgium

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Valérie Fontaine

Advisor for partnerships and public relations
Defender of Rights, France

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Kirsi Pimiä

Non-Discrimination Ombudsman
Non-Discrimination Ombudsman, Finland


(out of which to select a maximum of 3 candidates)

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Rhoda Garland

Executive Director
Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability, Malta

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Sandra Konstatzky

Deputy Director
Ombud for Equal Treatment, Austria

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Petr Polák

Head of the Division of Equal Treatment
Public Defender of Rights, Czech Republic

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Sylwia Spurek

Deputy Human Rights Commissioner (responsible for equal treatment issues)
Commissioner for Human Rights, Poland


(out of which to select a maximum of 2 candidates)

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Jasminka Dzumhur

Human Rights Ombudsman, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Kalliopi Lykovardi

Deputy Ombudsman for Equal Treatment
Greek Ombudsman, Greece

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Tena Šimonović Einwalter

Deputy Ombudswoman
Office of the Ombudswoman, Croatia